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Girl Talk Freebies and Fun
Girl Talk Freebies and Fun has the best and most up-to-date Freebies and Sweepstakes on the net. Check out our Tags, Graphics, Recipes, Games, Beauty Tips and much more!
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Rank Site In Out
26 Opossum Sally's
45 228
This is the entrance to one of the largest eclectic sites on the net. You will find somthing for everyone here.
27 Life, Love, & Giggles
44 605
We are a great group of ladies who love to laugh and enjoy life. Whether your a mother or ttc or just looking for a place to kick back and relax we have a spot for you!
28 Twilight Cafe
41 123
The Twilight Cafe is a place where people can kick back, relax, and talk about anything or nothing in general.
29 Graphix House
38 297
Request Custom made graphics and sigs
made using copyright aware licensed
artists ! we are a request forum
NOT a snagging forum!
30 Poohs Skin World
38 316
collection of skins for your forum
31 circle of friends
37 243
a friendship site for all
32 Empty Reflections
36 395
A new support forum for those suffering from a mental illness. Friends and family are also welcome!
33 Mommies Inc.
34 268
Mommies Inc. is a forum for women who are pregnant, TTC, or already have children to come together to chat. Come celebrate the joys and trials of motherhood with us!!
34 Crazy Ladies Asylum
31 496
We are a fun group of women who have got together to make a fun message board to chat about just about anything and everything. If you'd like a nice place to hang out then this is the board for you!
35 TotallyTagsByKathyAndCrystal
30 258
TotallyTags - Where we put the totally in all your tags, we have tags, layouts fun and much more, for the best tags online check us out, you'll be glad you did!
36 ABC Creative Learning
30 672
An on-line store created by a teacher with parents and children in mind. Our store has the best educational games, toys, and puzzles approved by teachers. Let's make learning fun!
37 Sassy Girls
29 360
Online Community for women.
38 Mom 2 Two
29 215
39 Designer's Haven
28 337
A warm and friendly enviroment and a place to get your siggy's, banner, and skins for your board. Anything you request, we will try. Come check us out.
40 Sunday School
25 181
Free lesson plan resources for preschool, kindergarten and Sunday School teachers; Christian coloring sheets, printable stickers, sticker charts, award certificates and more!
41 Marti's House of Friend
25 204
A Place to Meet and Make New Friends
42 Sassy Spouses
24 116
A support forum for Military & NON Military Wives. Just somewhere to get away, make some friends, and have some conversation! :)
43 blessings n disguise
24 198
an awesome place to meet new people and be accepted.No drama just friendship support and arcade for downtime and many forums.ook forward to seeing u !
44 Proud Mommies
21 255
A forum for mothers, expectant mothers, TTC mommies, a wide variety of support groups, a place for requesting siggy's. We also have a support groups for daddy's as well, but currently only have one father on our boards.
45 I am Woman
20 266
Womans forum with some of the nicest, intelligent and witty women on the net. We have lots of forums chat, Astrology, debates, movies, music, games, parenting, and a lot more.
46 Parents World
19 151
A place for happiness and friendship
47 Get Bent
18 369
This is the ultimate bitch forum. Do not join this if you are looking for loves and hugs! It is not for the faint of heart, just for someone that needs a place to bitch and people to bitch with! Join if this is what you need!
48 Power Selling Mom
18 223
*** Freebies *** Charity *** Support *** Free eBay Auction Advertising *** MySpace Friends and more ...
49 Ultimate Baby Online
18 211
50 Bellies 2 Babies
15 302
We are a new community for Mom's, Mom's to be, and women who are TTC. We hope to have you join us!

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